Cott Quick Tips – Ken Theodos – September 2023

Ken Theodos

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“I have had the great opportunity to visit many of you at your offices over the last few months, and I am really amazed by the quality of people and processes your offices utilize to serve your constituents. I learn something new with every visit, and I truly believe that by sharing our best ideas everyone can benefit.

I want to thank L. Page Pratt III, ROD of Scotland County, NC for providing the inspiration to begin sharing tips like this. In fact, this first tip is about a report he recently began utilizing to provide analytics on workflow in his own office. I hope you’ll find it helpful too. My goal here is to encourage communication among us all and to share some of your own best practices positively impacting your office.”

-Ken Theodos, Account Executive, NC, SC, VA

What is the Productivity Report and how can it be used?

The Productivity Report is a valuable tool to show each user’s performance and recording activity. The percentage indicates the workload amount each user has provided, as well as the number of documents they processed in each step. This report can be printed at any time, by a date or range of dates. Use this report to track activities, work volume and productivity of users, and the progression of their output.


Here is a description for each column of the report:

ADD Indicates the number of documents recorded through the Fee receipt process, Load Workgroup or Load Preassigned.
COMPLETE FEES Indicates the number of documents processed through the Complete Fee Instrument option.
PROOFLIST Indicates the number of documents or workgroups that have been printed through the Proof Workgroup option.


How to navigate to the report:

VERIFIED Indicates the number of documents that have been processed through the Correct Workgroup or Key Verify options.
RELEASE Indicates the number of documents or workgroups that have been released after the Correct Workgroup or Key Verify options.
ONLINE CORRECTIONS Indicates the number of corrections made in the Online Corrections option.
RECEIPTS Indicates the number of receipts entered in the Fee Receipt Entry option.
TRANSACTIONS Indicates the number of fee transactions recorded.



Specify the date range:

Does this report appear grayed out on your menu?
If you have access to your security groups, you can activate it yourself. Look under reference\system\security groups. Or you can call Support to activate it for you. 800-588-2688



If you would like to PRINT or save this Quick Tips issue, we have provided it as a downloadable PDF for you. Please print on standard legal size paper. CLICK HERE to download and save the PDF file to your computer.

If you have any questions, or even a tip you would like featured in the future, please let me know! 

-Ken Theodos (914) 672-1928




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