Cott Quick Tips – Ken Theodos – October 2023

Ken Theodos

Wow, everyone! The response from our first-ever issue of Cott Quick Tips last month was just terrific! It seems that even the most seasoned Cott Systems software user can still learn a few things. Honestly speaking, there is just so much to Resolution3 that I can’t imagine any one person truly utilizing every feature on a regular basis. But that is the point of these Quick Tips, right? To share with each other what features our office utilizes and the end benefits we see from that. On that note, I want to thank Shandra Sims, Register of Deeds of Jackson County, NC, for the suggestion of this issue of Quick Tips, Consolidating Subdivisions.

-Ken Theodos, Account Executive, NC, SC, VA

How to consolidate subdivision names in records

When is Consolidating Subdivisions Utilized? 

This process can be done as needed to ensure that property names are consistent for indexing and search purposes. For example: If your office has multiple spellings of the same subdivision you can use the subdivision consolidation to combine them to eliminate redundant subdivision names. This consolidation process can be done for other property types as well, like condominiums, townships, cites, or even village names. The consolidation option can be utilized to help you manage consistency in regards to a specific subdivision and aid in making your records more accurate and ultimately easier for all to navigate.


User Tips:
What is the ‘Link to Code’ in the child section?
This number reflects the code number matching the name selected in the top (Master) section. This indicates that the name appearing in the child section will be consolidated to the name containing this code in the top section.
Does this consolidation work for all property types?
Yes, although the option is called Consolidate Subdivisions, ALL property types may be selected in step 1.

How do I clear my selections?
Click the Refresh button.

Does this report appear grayed out on your menu?
Call Support to activate it for you. 800-588-2688



If you would like to PRINT or save this Quick Tips issue, we have provided it as a downloadable PDF for you. Please print on standard legal size paper. CLICK HERE to download and save the PDF file to your computer.

If you have any questions, or even a tip you would like featured in the future, please let me know! 

-Ken Theodos (914) 672-1928




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