Making the transition to a cloud-based model offers tremendous benefits to your office. With the Cott Cloud, you have secure, easy access to your information anytime, anywhere, within the United States. With just a few steps, you can be up and running from anywhere, even if your physical office needs to be closed. In today’s climate of increasing cyber risks and global uncertainty, the Cott Cloud model provides a layer of disaster recovery and security that is difficult and expensive to achieve at the local level. A hosted solution minimizes the initial investment when moving to a new platform while providing a dependable, powerful system that will consistently deliver the latest technological advancements.

   ANYTIME, ANYWHERE ACCESS - Convenient, secure access to your information 24/7/365 within the United States

    BUSINESS CONTINUITY - Built-in disaster preparedness, recovery, and continuity

    TOP-NOTCH SECURITY - Superior security measures to thwart cyber attacks and malware disruptions

    STREAMLINED INFRASTRUCTURE - No application server to install and less local hardware to maintain

    AUTOMATIC BACKUP - Automated and redundant backups to ensure data integrity and availability

    COST SAVINGS - Lower costs with technology infrastructure provided remotely

    BETTER RESOURCE UTILIZATION - Reduced burden on local IT resources allowing them to focus on key initiatives

    FLEXIBILITY - Flexible and scalable to meet the demands of your local office


Cott Systems has offered hosted records management for more than a decade. We strategically partner with an industry-leading data center located in Columbus, Ohio. This Cott Cloud Data Center provides multiple levels of protection with best-in-class uptime and high overall productivity. The data center is Tier III Certified Constructed Facility designed to host mission-critical computer systems. Security features include compartmentalized security zones, 24/7 on-site personnel, and multiple access screenings using a variety of identification methods. The systems’ infrastructure is a high-performing virtualization platform resilient to hardware failures with the ability to recover automatically. It uses both hardware and software redundancies to ensure high availability.

The Cott Cloud infrastructure is isolated inside a secure cage and configured from the ground up for high availability and superior performance. Cott controls access to customer data using an automated workflow system. All requests are automatically logged, approved, and removed to ensure data is only accessed by authorized personnel. We follow a predetermined protocol when setting up virtual environments for our hosted customers precisely executed each time to ensure consistent data security and integrity. System optimization at each level ensures uptime of at least 99.9%, excluding planned maintenance downtime during non-business hours.


To ensure that your data is secure and the system is running at optimal levels around the clock, our team of network administration experts continually monitor our robust hosted system of servers, firewalls, network equipment, and components. The team utilizes industry-standard tools to enhance security and thwart cyber threats, including OSSEC, ManageEngine Active Directory monitoring, appliance-based network inspection provided by SonicWALL firewalls, and Antivirus solution.