“We process thousands of documents every month, and Verdict allows us more time to handle our other responsibilities.”
- Linda Tillman, Chief Deputy

Bibb County, Georgia, started using Cott System’s Verdict, a fully integrated criminal and civil case management system in 2010. Cott spent months listening and observing the needs of their Clerk of Superior Court, Chief Deputy, and other staff before implementation.

In addition to preliminary training, Cott Systems had three people on-site for launch day to walk them through each step of the process -- and Cott stayed for two weeks to ensure everything was running smoothly. A year later, they are only a phone call away to help with any problems or questions. “Nathan, Verdict’s Product Manager, has been back several times to continuously check on us to make sure we have what we need; and Cott is always open to our ideas,” said Linda Tillman, Chief Deputy

“Because of their excellent service, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a criminal or civil management system. You can’t beat Cott’s customer service,” said Tillman. “With our old system, it would sometimes take two or three weeks to hear back if we had a problem and that kind of downtime meant we got behind in our work; you can always call Cott and resolve any issues within a matter of hours.”

Bibb was the first county in Georgia to implement the Verdict criminal and civil management system and Cott Systems completely customized Verdict to meet state regulations. Information needs to be transmitted to the specific ways both the Georgia Crime Information Center and the Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority request.

As a result, Bibb County seamlessly transmits information to the Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority nightly and is implementing transmitting information to the Georgia Crime Information Center to meet their standards. Bibb County has been able to reduce the errors and error correction time since Verdict alerts staff of any errors automatically after each transmit.

“My favorite thing about Cott and how they work with their customers, which I truly appreciate, is that they do whatever they can to accommodate individual needs,” said Tillman.

Since adoption information is not accessible to the public, Cott personalized Verdict to address this issue so the clerk’s office only has to check a box to keep private information sealed.

In another example, reports with their prior system previously took a long time to generate and sometimes required additional support to decipher what report needed to be completed, and what specifics needed to be added to meet the Judges’ criteria.

Now when they need specific reports with breakdowns of the number of divorce cases in a period of time, how many cases involved children, etc., Cott created a reporting option that allows them to customize their own report.

By making information available online through Verdict’s e-commerce, attorneys can access information for a monthly fee and the system pays for itself. Public access has also made the Bibb County Clerk of Superior Court office more efficient by reducing the number of incoming phone calls by 50 percent.