“I have had nothing but great experiences with Cott. We love RecordRoom and brag to other counties about it. It’s the most user-friendly system we have ever used.”
- Sheri Coleman, Register of Deeds

When Sheri Coleman took office as the Register of Deeds for Saluda County, South Carolina, she knew immediately that she needed to make a change. The office was using an older software system to manage land records, and it was not meeting the needs of the county.“The system was antiquated at best,” said Coleman. “It reminded me of an old DOS terminal. It was clunky and also very labor-intensive. We used to have to close early to do reconciliations and month-end. We had to manually send an upload to Texas each night in order for the system to be updated. Reports were a pain and required a lot of effort on our apart. It took a lot of time and energy.”

Coleman was convinced there was a better solution that could improve the way her office recorded documents and help her serve the public more efficiently. She started her search for a replacement land records management system by talking to vendors at a conference for the South Carolina Clerks of Court and Registers of Deeds Association. “I wanted a system that was user-friendly. That was at the top of my list,” said Coleman.

After visiting other counties to see their land records management systems, The Saluda County Register of Deeds decided to install Cott Systems’ RecordRoom web-based land records management solution. “I looked at several systems, but Cott’s solution was the most user-friendly system for the best price,” said Coleman. “When I compared price versus usability, Cott was the winner, hands down.”

RecordRoom provides Saluda County with all the functionality required to process a recorded instrument from acceptance to document return in a simple and easy-to-understand package. Because RecordRoom is entirely web-based, the system automatically updates in real-time, eliminating the need to do manual backups every night. All of Saluda County’s recordings are stored in the secure Cott Cloud providing a layer of disaster recovery and security that is difficult to achieve at the local level.

“The transition was very smooth,” said Coleman. “I can easily get answers to my questions, and the software is easy to use with minimal training. With Cott, everything is just easy.” The RecordRoom system is flexible and quickly adapts to the needs of the Saluda County Register’s office. Changes that used to take weeks to implement because they had to be submitted to the previous vendor, can now be done by the office staff with just a few mouse clicks.

Cott iQ intelligent search technology powered the intuitive search capabilities in RecordRoom, making it easy for Coleman and her staff to find the information they need. Cott iQ searches the County’s entire data set and returns results that can be filtered and refined to find specific documents, similar to an online shopping experience. “The way my mind thinks, that’s how I can look things up,” said Coleman. “I have instant access to everything I need.”

RecordRoom has transformed the way Coleman’s office serves the public. The office is now able to stay open until the end of the day and can record documents and have them available to the public in just a few minutes. RecordRoom has completely eliminated the lag time and manual backups Saluda County experienced with their old land records management system. Now, the office can easily run reports, complete reconciliations, and make changes as needed.

“I hired someone who worked in the mortgage industry for many years. She tells me all the time that RecordRoom is the most userfriendly system she has ever worked with. That says a lot coming from her, “ said Coleman. "We love RecordRoom and brag to other counties about it. When I’m this happy with something, I want to tell everybody." Office staff have more time to work on other projects that require dedicated attention. For example, the office has been able to tackle some of its own backfile scanning and reindexing work thanks to RecordRoom.

“You would not believe the difference RecordRoom makes,” noted Coleman. “The system is so much easier to use. I cannot believe the amount of work we had to put into our old system compared to now. It’s the same work, just much more easily done.”