No matter what type of disaster you experience, it is rarely predictable. Flooding, severe weather, fire, earthquakes, and pandemics all pose potential risks to your records. The loss or inaccessibility of important documents can cause citizens to lose confidence. Unfortunately, many officeholders assume they will never experience a disaster, so they do not develop a strategy for preventing or responding to one. Knowing how to prepare for and respond to an emergency situation is the best thing you can do to get your office back up and running with minimal interruption.  

Though each situation is unique, any organization can be better prepared if it plans carefully and puts emergency procedures in place. Preparing and implementing a preparedness program can also substantially reduce operating procedures and future costs for a municipality.

Cott Can Help Ensure Your Records Are Protected
Cott offers products and services that can help you safeguard both your records and business services from disaster and ensure business continuity that will allow you to resume your work as soon as possible. Cott can help you:

● Create a secure environment for ongoing records storage and maintenance

● Protect critical records vital to your operations

● Identify and preserve vulnerable archival records

● Create a framework for responding safely and efficiently to disasters

● Outline a plan to digitize critical records and ensure public access


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