Citrix Password Instructions

This webpage will provide step by step instructions for changing the Citrix password. If you are logged into your Citrix Workstation by clicking your Citrix icon on your desktop, please be sure to log out and follow the instructions below.

Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Changing the Password

Step 1: Navigate to and enter your Citrix user name and current password.

Step 2. Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the Citrix page.

Step 3: Click Account Settings from the drop-down list.

Step 4: Click Change Password.

Step 5: Click Continue.

Step 6: In the Old Password box, enter the current password.

Step 7: In the New Password box, enter a new password with the following requirements.

  1. Password must contain a minimum of 10 characters.
  2. Must contain values from 3 of the following 4 categories.
    • Upper case letters from A - Z (English)
    • Lower case letters from a - z (English)
    • Numbers from 0 - 9
    • Special characters (non-alphabetic characters such as “, &, !, @, #, %, *, etc.)
  3. Passwords cannot contain the following values.
    • The user’s account name.
    • Two consecutive characters of the users’ full name.
    • A password that has already been used in the past 10 password changes.
  4. Please note that passwords must be in place for a minimum of 2 days before they can be changed again and must be updated every 4 months.

Step 8: In the Confirm Password box, retype the new password, and then click OK.

Step 9: Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the page and click Log off.

Step 10: Log back into Citrix as you normally do, using your newly created password.

Password Protocol FAQs:

When I receive notice to my office of the new password changes, does that mean that we will NOT be able to log in using old passwords immediately and will receive the change your password prompt from that moment on?

  • Yes, it will come up to the password change prompt for them on your next login attempt after those settings are in place.  With that said, if Cott makes the account changes at (for example) 10am, and the office users are already logged in for the day (prior to that point in time) all your users will then be prompted to update their password on the following day when they log back into Citrix.

Can we preemptively change our passwords in advance of this office rollout?

  • No, you will not be able to change your passwords until we flag the user accounts to allow you to reset your passwords.  Presently, all offices/users are flagged to prevent the end user from changing their passwords.

If I already have a password that meets requirements, will I be prompted to change it anyway?

  • Yes, you will still get prompted to change passwords, ultimately, as all passwords are older than the “Max Age” we are establishing for all the current Citrix users.

Who will Cott be emailing the notice to specifically? How do I know who I need to share these details with? 

  • We will be emailing the user roles that are defined in our system currently as Office Holders, User Liaisons, To Be Notified, and IT (information technology) contact.  We will include a reminder to relay this to all of your office staff, as we don’t always have ALL of their staff in our CRM Contacts. Even if you didn't personally receive an email, you will still need to change your Citrix password.

Will the password change apply to ALL account users in their respective offices/counties/towns?

  • Correct, the password change settings will indeed apply to all users in the customer’s Citrix environment.