Real Time Property Fraud Protection

PropertyCheck™ by Cott Systems is an enhancement for our systems management software that alerts your constituents when records with matching vitals are recorded. With a simple opt-in and personalized alert creation, your users access this additional layer of protection against property fraud. PropertyCheck works seamlessly in the background and will go unnoticed until an alert is triggered.

What is Property Fraud?

Property fraud can occur if someone forges your identity, transfers your property into their name, and records the document. This fraudulent activity can make it appear as if that person owns your home or property, and you may not have any idea that this happened! It is, unfortunately, becoming more prevalent today as cyber criminals exploit every avenue they can to cause harm and steal from everyday citizens.

Cott Systems developed PropertyCheck™ in an invigorated effort to combat property and mortgage fraud in your county. This 24/7 service allows residents to sign up with their local Recorder's office to receive notifications when official documents are recorded on their property. Residents can activate alerts based on their name, property address, or parcel number.

PropertyCheck™ works seamlessly in the background of your records management software, automatically alerting your constituents if a document matching their name or address is recorded. All your constituents have to do is opt-in, create alerts for their name and property address (where applicable) and choose their preference of alerts – email or text message.

“It’s also a good idea to set up multiple alerts based on first, middle and last name variations and your spouse’s name, to be sure that an alert will be triggered in case a recording happens with some kind of slight variation.”
- Paul Fetters, Product Implementation Specialist at Cott Systems.