Property Fraud Protection for your Constituents

PropertyCheck™ by Cott Systems is an enhancement for our systems management software that alerts your constituents when records with matching vitals are recorded. With a simple opt-in and personalized alert creation, your users access this additional layer of protection against property fraud. PropertyCheck works seamlessly in the background and will go unnoticed until an alert is triggered.

Once you have enabled Cott Systems PropertyCheck for your office, you will want to publicize it to your constituents so they know that it's available and how to signup for it. Cott Systems has prepared a robust PUBLICITY KIT for you to utilize for this purpose.

Download these resources, insert your office or municipality logo/seal in the space provided and use the IDEA GUIDE to help you make a plan on how to use these print and digital resources. By getting the word out about the availability of PropertyCheck in your community, you are encouraging adoption and the success of this feature to your constituents.


*The templated resources provided are for PropertyCheck through RECORDhub only. If your municipality has PropertyCheck on Cott's eSearch platform, the website URL and QR codes featured will NOT work and need to be customized to your local or hosted URL address. Contact your Account Executive and they will work with Cott's marketing department to assist you in customizing whatever documents you need to help publicize the PropertyCheck feature in your community.

PropertyCheck Publicity Assets

Publicity IDEA GUIDE

Read this document to get ideas and make a plan for publicizing PropertyCheck in your community.

Learn about what assets are available to you and how to customize and use them.

CLICK HERE or on the graphic for pdf document download.