Welcome to RECORDhub, a comprehensive and flexible gateway that provides 24/7/365 access to your records. From the office, home, or even other states, your constituents and clients can quickly and easily search your land records from anywhere.

RECORDhub provides a convenient, single-point searching and eCommerce experience. Indexing data and images from Cott's Records Management Solutions are accessible via subscriptions established by each judicial organization. Searchers have one convenient shopping cart and one user profile to manage all of their search transactions. Designed with Internet users in mind, RECORDhub makes it easy for you to manage public access to your records.

Hosted on the Cott Cloud and housed in a secure, state-of-the-art data center, our redundant hardware architecture allows RECORDhub to guarantee high availability. Using the latest in programming technology, our experts have designed a clean, straightforward, and intuitive interface. RECORDhub has a variety of subscription plans and rates that can be tailored to best meet your revenue generation goals. RECORDhub has been designed to enable self-service to avoid incurring administrative overhead. Using RECORDhub, you will experience both control and increased revenues combined with ease of use for your staff and constituents.


Cott’s simple, yet feature-rich search technology Cott iQ is a fundamental shift in searching and presenting records. Intelligent search technology provides a single-line search that is as easy to use as shopping the Internet.

By leveraging Cott iQ, RECORDhub provides access to indexed information and images for all your records with one search. Search results are up-to-the-minute accurate and are displayed in a familiar design that reduces inquiries and confusion, making it easy for all searchers to use – from the novice to the professional title searcher.