A Paperless Solution for Drainage Districts and other Engineering Documents

Cott Systems’ intuitive, cloud-based system is a comprehensive solution to efficiently receive, record, search and store the important records entrusted to your care. Powered by Cott iQ intelligent search technology, RecordRoom delivers one of the most advanced records management systems on the market. You can trust Cott Systems with your important county documents because we have been serving Recorders, Auditors and other county officials, for over 100 years, in over 20 states.

Cott’s field scanning team can efficiently scan your historic documents and import them into your database the way you intend to search for them. Your staff can scan and import new day-forward documents easily within our user-friendly interface. With a look and feel familiar to anyone who spends time surfing the web, it will be an easy task for your team.

Hosted in the Cott Cloud with multiple levels of security, RecordRoom embraces the latest technology to deliver a streamlined solution. It is easily accessed through a web browser from the office, construction site or anywhere in the field with secure internet access.



Search drainage district documents by drainage district, document type, lateral and other various identifiers. Search for any document by multiple identifiers or combinations you specify.


Go Paperless utilizing Cott’s document scanning plan for your historical documents. Be able to access and refer to them easily.


Protect physical records via electronic back-up and free up office and filing space. Secure safe-keeping.


Provide anytime access from remote locations using a standard web browser with secure authentication.


- Convenient records management in the cloud
24/7/365 Access to your records
- Easy to learn with an intuitive user interface
- Multiple levels of secure data protection
- Expedited office workflow
- Cott iQ intelligent search makes it easy to find what you need


Cott's simple, yet feature-rich search technology, Cott iQ, is a fundamental shift in searching and presenting records. Intelligent search technology provides a search that is as easy to use as shopping the internet. By leveraging Cott iQ, RecordRoom provides easy access to indexed information and images.  Search results are up-to-the-minute accurate and are displayed in a simple design that reduces inquiries and confusion, making it easy for all searchers to use.


RecordRoom is hosted on our secure Cott Cloud. Housed in a data center with multiple levels of security and data protection, the Cott Cloud provides 24/7/365 availability, giving your staff and constituents easy access to information. With a cloud solution, there is no server installation, maintenance, or local backups, which streamlines implementation. RecordRoom and Cott Cloud give you superior business continuity. In case of disaster, just log in to a computer, access RecordRoom through a web browser, and you're back in business.