What sets our software training programs apart? Our trainers have over 50 years combined experience, and they understand the hurdles you face in using a new software system and getting everyone up to speed with minimal impact on daily operations. We understand that your schedule changes all the time. Our trainers are specialized in understanding the unique requirements of your office and will work with you to develop a training solution tailored to your needs.

Cott Systems offers 3 options for customized training on our products — all designed to keep your team productive and help ensure a successful implementation.

HQ Training

We welcome your staff to our corporate facility in Columbus, Ohio. While removed from the distractions of the office, your team is immersed in hands-on, face-to-face courses, demonstrations, and presentations with our expert staff. This option is ideal for “training the trainer,” refresher, or advanced functionality training.

On-site Training

On-site sessions are ideal for new implementations (system, module or workflow), larger numbers of trainees, or trainees who need more guided instruction. This type of training features a similar hands-on approach while allowing your team to train on the job. These classes are scheduled to take place at your office during normal business hours.

Online Training

For post-implementation follow-up, refresher, or new employee training, Cott offers remote online training. These interactive sessions include isolated modules and functionality training. Your team gets flexible hands-on training and demonstrations. All you need is high-speed Internet access and a speakerphone.