After decades of hands-on experience with court records, Cott Systems has compiled a wealth of inside knowledge to create a software suite that provides comprehensive case management to help your office streamline the process from disposition to final judgment. Verdict is designed to handle all court filings: Civil, Criminal, and Probate along with Jury selection. We know each has their own set of processing standards—and issues—to contend with. To provide a technology solution that truly works for the offices that process court filings, it takes a company who knows how those offices live and breathe.

CRIMINAL - provides a complete data and image workflow that allows you to follow cases from inception through disposition and sentencing.

CIVIL - gives you everything you need to manage cases and accept advanced deposits from case creation through disbursement and on to document archiving.

PROBATE -  offers a streamlined system that tracks all the information that comes into the probate office and makes it possible to submit electronic inheritance tax receipts automatically to the state.

JURY -  allows you to keep accurate records of the jury pool, ensures random selection, provides meaningful reports, and give you the ability to print subpoenas, juror cards, labels, and checks.

“Cott Systems has delivered what they said they could do. As you learn the system, they are good at breaking down the issue and helping you understand it. They are there to respond, and I’ve been happy with that.”
- Mark Graffeo, Clerk of Court, West Baton Rouge Parish, LA


Verdict easily retrieves data and images associated with cases. Public access via the Internet is at the discretion of the public official. The web search contains robust account management functions. These functions empower a public official to permit access to view data and images, and at what level. Confidential information, such as birth dates, social security numbers, and financial information can be restricted from public view within Verdict.


Your system can be deployed locally with secure eBackup or hosted on our secure Cott Cloud housed in a state-of-the-art data center, with redundant hardware architecture that guarantees availability. A hosted system offers many benefits: 24/7 anytime, anywhere access within the United States; no server installation, maintenance, or local backups; disaster preparedness; multiple levels of data protection; and fast implementation.