Since 1888, Cott Systems has been working with local government offices to preserve, restore, and protect the records entrusted to their care. Cott offers extensive bindery services of deed, mortgage, vital, and many other types of book records.

Quick Fix Document Preservation

With Quick Fix, Cott can help preserve your documents with less out of pocket costs for you. We trim your original documents to make them loose-leaf and ready for scanning. After scanning, your original documents are placed in mylar encapsulations and re-bound in new books or re-printing on archival paper and re-bound in new binders. This allows you to remove your originals from circulation for about half the cost of other preservation services.

Bindery Services

· Custom fitted binders
· Heavy gauge plastic
· Canvas covered & vinyl jackets
· Handcrafted leather binders with gold tooling
· Variety of spine metals for a secure and custom fit
· Byron Weston 100% archival paper in a variety of grades and sizes
· Printing: entry sheets, ruled index sheets, tab sheets