Our Project Managers and Data Entry Specialists understand your unique requirements necessary to create indexes that are accurate and reliable. Your data is entered and key verified, producing the highest accuracy possible. We develop a scope of work that either involves abstracting index information from the documents or creating an electronic index from the legacy index.

Information is entered by Cott specialists with more than 60 years of combined experience in data entry. Data is typed once and then again to key-verify. Once entered, a visual analysis is done.  A final check is performed after any corrections are made to verify data integrity.  Our final step is to develop, test, and execute an import of the reindexed data into your land records management system. If Cott is not your software provider, we will create your index based on the specifications required by your provider.

You Don't Have to Reindex!

Online Index Books makes it possible to search digital copies of your historical records from the convenience of your desktop without reindexing.

● Digitizing your historical records without the cost, time, and potential liability of reindexing

● Providing a valuable service to your constituents, surveyor, and title companies

● Be part of the protection and preservation of your jurisdiction's rich history

● Online Index Books can be an inexpensive alternative to reindexing.

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