Cott Microfilm digitization technologies offer the highest quality microfilm services. Cott uses hardware that has been designed to protect brittle and old film, cleaning it as it is being scanned. Image enhancements are free of charge. Cott’s in-house digitization services are ideal for 100’, 215’ and 1,000’ rolls. We accept ANSI, M-types, and open spools, as well as Silver, Diazo, and Vesicular formats. Output includes blip removal, document separation tagging, and conversion to a wide variety of electronic formats, including PDF. Hardware features include:

- High-quality tonality, depth of field & resolution via a 12-bit camera with 12,288 pixel array
- 750 true optical dpi resolution
- Direct path imaging: camera, film and light source are in-line to ensure optimum image quality
- Real-time image sharpen and enhancement
- Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to optimize image quality while scanning
- “Smoothlight” fiber optic bundle balances lighting across the entire scan area


Our microfilm lab is Eastman Park certified for document processing, so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality microfilm. Our film meets ANSI requirements for permanent records, and we adhere to State Archive requirements. To ensure quality, we log and track each image, inspecting them for discrepancies before committing images to microfilm.

- Meets American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements
- Custom box labels created for all microfilm
- Target sheets inserted as required
- Directories or indexes created and incorporated into your microfilm processing
- Missing pages detected & resolved from sequential data
- Image logging and tracking in a custom database
- 35mm film processing available


For media storage and management, we utilize a suite of solutions for managing physical records, including state-of-the-art record centers and secure media vaults. Storage facilities are located in Columbus, Ohio, and meet or exceed all industry standards with regards to safety, security, and climate control, a crucial component for longevity of microfilm-based media. Every stored media unit is indexed and tracked making it easy to locate and retrieve as needed.