Powerful Search Capabilities

Cott’s simple, yet feature-rich search technology is a fundamental shift in searching and presenting records. Cott iQ offers a straightforward and intuitive search experience that meets the needs of all searchers - from the novice, first time user to the most advanced and professional title searcher. Users can choose between a single field search approach that allows for a range of search criteria or an expanded search that offers precise parameters. Results are returned from across your entire set of data, not just one column of data. This streamlined approach to searching looks and feels familiar to any who has spent time surfing the web.

Results that Hit the Mark

The returned results are clear, concise, and easily navigated with fewer clicks of the mouse. The grid style of presenting search results is crisp, intuitive, and provides a wide variety of sort and filter options. The single field search technology allows you to bring back a specific set of search results or to bring back a wide array of results that you can then sort and filter. Just like many popular shopping sites, your initial search results can be pared down by your filter selections until you find exactly what you are looking for.

Everything You Need on One Page

The detailed view provides all the necessary information on one screen: thumbnail sketches of the document pages, an image of the selected page, and all the indexing information. There is no need to move from screen to screen to see all the indexing data and the image.

We’ve taken Cott’s industry-leading search and made it better, providing great service and an intuitive search for your constituents which translates into ease of support for your staff and more efficient use of staff time. Your constituents will be happy, your staff will be happy, and you will be happy!