Cott has been delivering innovative products and services since our inception in 1888.  Cott quickly became a leader in designing “modern” manual index systems.  As early as the 1930s, our staff was reindexing old, inefficient systems into Cott-developed indexes. Although the process was time-consuming without the aid of computers, the resulting product was praised by the searching public for its effectiveness. You can still find many of these paper-based indexes in local offices today. The reindexing expertise we gained from our heritage is still in great demand today. We combine our experienced data and imaging expertise with the talents of our Technology Solutions team to develop and provide all the services a local officeholder needs to meet the goals of preserving and modernizing the rich history of their jurisdiction.


With the rapidly changing world of computer technology, we enhanced our relationship with local governments by expanding our company as a technology services provider in 1964. We continue to provide data processing services today and periodically produce alphabetized indexes for land and other vital records. As computer technology became more affordable for large government entities in the 1970s, we developed systems that produced alphabetized indexes on site.

In the 1980s, dramatic decreases in the cost of computer systems made it possible for many local governments to take advantage of improved efficiencies by centralizing their operations. With this centralization came the opportunity for local governments to improve customer service and realize fee income by providing the private sector with computer access to public records.

The 1990s saw document imaging become a central strategy in records management for local government. With our vast experience in designing and supporting indexing systems, Cott developed a complete land records management system. Since our first installation in 1993, our records management solutions have been “re-invented” several times and continue to be enhanced to take advantage of new technology.


Our accumulated experience drives today’s innovative systems for recording, imaging, and searching land, court, and other official records. Resolution3 is our flagship land records management system. Our newest records management solution, RecordRoom, is a cloud-based solution that offers the latest technologies. Cott’s Online Index Books delivers historical records and indexes online to the public. Verdict case management system streamlines the entry, management, and disposition of court cases. Cott iQ is our revolutionary intelligent search that crosses all of our land records management products, and RECORDhub offers an innovative eCommerce solution. Complementing our software systems are data and imaging services: backfile imaging, redaction, reindexing, bindery, and microfilm.