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Online Index Books (OIB) is a better alternative.  By combining digital images of the index books and related record books with our unique retrieval software, OIB mimics your hardcopy systems in exactly the same way searchers look for records in your office. Because the original design and integrity of your filing system remain unchanged, OIB dramatically reduces the expense and assumed liability of interpreting older, handwritten records.

OIB complements your existing records management system to expand access to your historical records. Our intuitive search empowers your constituents with convenient 24/7 access to your records. Users enter search criteria and are placed on the first page of the index where the information resides. Users then electronically “page” through the appropriate section to find what they need.  Once located users enter the book and page of the document to retrieve its image.  Customize for your office, OIB eliminates manual searching, saving wear and tear on your valuable historical records

“Many of our records were literally crumbling apart from overuse. OIB significantly reduces the amount of handling and helps preserve our records. I feel better knowing our records are stored electronically and will always be available. Cott took care of everything from scanning to training new employees on the system. If we have an issue, they get right back to us. If we need anything, it’s taken care of.”
- Brenda Roberts, Clerk of Court, Monroe County, OH
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“When I took office in 2001, I recognized the need to preserve the Fayette County land records. Our records date all the way back to 1823. I worked with Cott Systems to develop a method to preserve the documents without ANY reindexing, and Online Index Books was born. I am so grateful for the dedication and hard work invested by both Fayette County and Cott Systems....it has paid off during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have been able to offer online searches to all my title examiners with zero personal contact.”
- Sheila Studdard, Clerk of Superior Court, Fayette County, GA
“Since working with Cott, I have real confidence in never losing a record, and OIB has significantly reduced staff time from handling books and making copies. Our cross-trained staff has time to work on other projects. Best of all, Cott’s e-commerce feature and our subscriber program has been able to generate revenue for the county.”
- Mary Weiderman (retired), County Clerk, Chenango County, NY


- Anytime online access to your historical records for your constituents
- Increase efficiency by searching historical records remotely from your desktop
- Customized specifically for your office to mimic your existing paper-based system
- Costs less than reindexing and projects can be done in phases to fit your budget
- Complements your current system to provide access to your entire library of records
- Secure, electronic backup of your important records and documents