Known for their expertise, dedication, and quality of work, Cott's implementation team has over 50 years of combined experience. We treat each customer as if they are a member of the Cott family.  We will work with you to ensure your implementation goes smoothly.

PHASE 1: Project Analysis

· Reference file review
· Review systems configuration
· Workflow planning
· Data & image migration review


PHASE 2: Customized Training

· Create training notebooks, search guides, and tailored training agenda
· Configuration of software parameters
· Remote webinar training sessions begin
· Independent training available to staff 24/7


PHASE 3: Site Analysis

· Review current workflow
Discuss challenges with current software and/or workflow
· Discuss training dates, times, and location
· Determine software configuration needs
· Preparing constituents for new software and public training sessions
· Review templates and notices currently in use

PHASE 4: Deployment

· Software installation/server migration
· Schedule training webinars for public searchers
· Backups created
· Data migration import
· Go live with onsite support
· Introduction and transition to Customer Support

PHASE 5: Continued Support

· Customized Support
· Experienced Analysts
· Product Specialists
· Quality assurance