“The whole staff at Cott Systems is always there for us, and I find that invaluable.”
—Mary Weiderman, County Clerk (Retired), Chenango County, New York


"OIB has significantly reduced the time staff spent handling books and making copies. Best of all, our subscriber program using Cott’s eCommerce feature has been able to generate revenue for the county. Cott Systems provides peace of mind by backing up every single document to our servers. Since working with Cott, I have real confidence in never losing a record.”
- Mary Weidman, County Clerk (Retired)

Founded in 1798, Chenango County is home to almost 51,000 residents, Chobani Yogurt, and the birthplace of Nancy Matthews Elliot—the mother of Thomas Edison.

CHALLENGE: Securing the memory of a county
Mary Weiderman, who started her position as county clerk in the mid-90s, began working with Cott Systems in 2000. “The County Clerk's office is the repository for a wide range of county records, from mortgages to court records to marriage certificates,” said Mary, “ We have people coming in every day to research everything from the history of a parcel of land to family genealogy. As cyberthreats continue to grow, we realized we needed to protect our county’s archive from bad actors.”

SOLUTION: Cloud-based hosting for maximum security
Chenango County had been hosting all of its digital records internally. But as stories of computer hacks and ransomware made headlines every day, Mary and her team began exploring the benefits of Cott’s secure, hosted solution. “After we decided to move forward, the entire Cott team moved very quickly to migrate our records database to the cloud. In three weeks, we had moved our Resolution3 archive from our local server to a hosted solution,” said Mary.

RESULTS: Peace of mind in an insecure world
“The most important thing the County Clerk's office provides is access to the record of Chenango county,” said Mary. “Resolution3 is a great interface for our office and the community to use to quickly and accurately find the information we all need. Now, with moving to Cott System’s hosted solution, we can ensure that our county can protect and secure that access in the years to come.”