“The 75% time-savings in processing at the counter has greatly improved productivity and accuracy”
— Joe Camposeo, Town Clerk (retired), Manchester, Connecticut


“Cott has an excellent training staff, and their help desk is always very attentive. We know we can count on them for not only the technology but also for reliable service. We have visionary goals we want to achieve, and we believe Cott will help us do that. They have a solid, skilled, and talented organization that gives us maximum support. We know that we can count on them to provide quality products and services,”
- Joe Camposeo, Town Clerk


MANCHESTER: At a glance
The area known as Manchester began its recorded history as the camping grounds of a small band of Native Americans before being settled by colonists in 1673.

CHALLENGE: Doing more with less
Like many government offices, the Manchester Town Clerk’s office was pressed to maximize efficiencies. “We found ourselves with fewer resources to manage records. Employees needed to wear multiple hats,” explained Joe Camposeo, now retired Town Clerk. As part of the strategy to improve efficiency, Camposeo realized that work could be processed much faster with the right software solution. Time saved on processing land records would free up the team to focus on other pressing matters.

SOLUTION: Intuitive search, improved efficiency
Manchester chose Cott Systems' Resolution3 land records management system to modernize their office. Powered by Extract, Resolution3’s auto-indexing capability captures the highest amount of data in the industry. And, with RECORDhub eCommerce portal, constituents can search town records using a simple, intuitive interface that allows them to filter and sort results quickly. By leveraging a technology solution that can address critical business needs and taking advantage of advanced search capabilities, Manchester optimizes their business processes, maximizes budget, generates revenue, and improves overall productivity.

RESULTS: Reduced time, effort, and cost
“Previously, we were manually keying information at the counter, spending about 7-10 minutes for each transaction. Now we’re spending about 2 minutes,” said Camposeo. Resolution3 provides users with more flexibility, improved reporting, comprehensive search options, and advanced tracking features. “Cott has a solid, skilled, and talented organization that gives us maximum support,” said Camposeo.