RECORDROOM - our next-generation records management solution that fully embraces cloud-computing technology, delivers a familiar browser-based user experience, and minimizes hardware requirements allowing greater flexibility. Securely access your records anytime and from anywhere. learn more >>

RESOLUTION3 - an integrated suite of land records management applications that provides a comprehensive solution to efficiently receive, record, store, and archive all records. Secure public access to data and images is provided via the internet. learn more >>

RECORDhub - our new portal eCommerce solution delivers an intelligent searching experience, making it easy for you to manage public access to your records and provide a gateway for constituents to easily search your records from anywhere. learn more >>

VERDICT - provides a case management solution for both small and large offices that helps court staffers save time and work efficiently with the ability to enter, search, transmit, provide, and store case information for criminal, civil, probate, adoption, and domestic relations cases. learn more >>

ONLINE INDEX BOOKS - provide a complete solution to digitize your historical data and make it compliant, privacy-protected, and 100% searchable. Preserve your historical records with Cott's innovative historical records management solution. learn more >>