On the Customer Support Portal, you can create tickets, view the status of your open requests, and browse self-help articles in our Knowledge Base.

- If you need an invitation to create your account, please contact:
800-588-2688 or

On the Remote Support & Collaboration Portal, you can establish a remote connection with a Cott Systems' team member and work together to address your request.

- If you need a session code for your remote connection, please contact:
800-588-2688 or


Our relationship with the customer - seeing them as a member of the Cott family - has been key to our success. Our team of analysts and programmers have been working, on average, in this industry for 10+ years. They are passionate about ensuring your experience is nothing less than excellent.

We know that Customer Support is most often the reason a customer will choose to stay or leave their software vendor. Cott is focused on the customers’ experience. In fact, our management philosophy across the organization is “serve the customer or serve someone who is.”

“I have been overwhelmed by the customer service my office has received from Cott. They have all gone above and beyond in assisting us.”
- Andrea DiStephan, Town Clerk, Brookfield, CT


- A highly-skilled support team working collaboratively to resolve issues
- A dedicated, experienced staff providing customized service with a personal touch
- Subject matter experts who are trained to address your specific needs and concerns
- Management and analysts who meet weekly to review all open support requests
- Key Performance Indicators monitored at the executive level to ensure quality service
- A well-defined escalation procedure that includes regular senior management reviews
- Individualized action plans developed to remedy outstanding issues as soon as possible

“I'm always amazed at how quickly Cott Support staff can tend to business. Thank you!”
- Karen Troiano, Town Clerk, Stafford, CT